Horror Fiction Week 2 (Part 2)- At the Stanley

Part 2: Wednesday

I barely slept at all last night. I still don’t have anything paranormal to report, but I haven’t gone looking for it, either. In fact, the EMF reader I brought hasn’t left the box, because I’m too chicken to use it.

Generally speaking, my room is creepy. All the rooms on the fourth floor are. That’s the top floor, and is supposed to be the most haunted of them. The ceilings slope down, so the rooms feel claustrophobic anyway, but there’s also no airflow during the winter. It smells, well, old, and the lights are dim. I suspect that’s intentional. Ups the creep factor.

While reading in the lobby with a classmate earlier today, one of the managers came by to ask about the class and how we were enjoying our stay. I told her I hadn’t been sleeping well, and that, in fact, I’d woken up at 2:00 AM every night for no apparent reason. No noises, no bumps in the night, just… no sleep. Apparently my classmate has experienced the same thing. The manager said she can’t sleep on the fourth floor either, but the rest of the floors are fine. She offered to change our rooms, so, she thinks the sleep disruption is paranormal. She also asked us about hearing big wheels in the hall. I decided not to say anything… No, I haven’t heard any big wheels, but… isn’t a big wheel in the hall a Stephen King thing? Wasn’t that fictional just for the Shining? Sigh.

Anyway, I took this video, which you can pretend is me riding a big wheel through the halls.

And then there’s this other video I took of the front door opening and closing all by itself which I mention in another blog post as well. It’s windy, but try telling that to the drunk people looking for a scare. Oh yeah, there’s an amazing whiskey bar here as well.

REDRUM! Processed with VSCO with d1 preset

As I was rambling on about, last night was terrible in the sleep department. I didn’t have any trouble falling asleep, which was an odd contrast from the night before when I’d turned off the lights and the TV, and laid/lay/lain/lie (which is it?) there for an hour jumping at every noise. The TV makes a lot of loud cracking sounds as it cools down, I found, and my classmates seem to open their door to any noise in the hall… ghost hunting I suppose. Anyway, last night I awoke at 2:00 AM again, and was wide awake. I mean, I felt rested and everything. This is what’s been happening. I was up for at least an hour with Paper Moon playing on the TV. You know, the old black and white movie with the con man and the precocious nine-year-old made in 1930-something. The walls are paper-thin, so I didn’t turn it up loud enough to hear, and ended up just watching it in silence for the company.

My hallway:

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


And these broken pieces of the stairs: img_8289

Anyway, after an hour of that, I picked a channel with lighthearted TV projected for a few more hours, left it and the lamp on, and went back to “sleep”(3o minutes, wake up. Sleep for another 30 minutes, wake up. All. Night. Long. With the lights on and the TV playing silently in the background.). Yes, I was scared.

This morning, I woke early and prepared to workshop my writing. It went fine, and I’ve basically been planted in this very seat since 1:00 PM. And every time I go to my room, it takes my keycard three times to work. And I’ve taken to imagining a ghost behind the door, leaving, and thus the delay in the function of the key.

Also? It’s been snowing all day so I haven’t left the hotel. Tonight, we’re watching Autopsy of Jane Doe in the haunted music room. So I’m not holding out for anything different in the sleep arena.

Two more nights…




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