Horror Fiction Week 2 (Part 1)- At the Stanley

I know I’m writing this mid-week (meaning there are still 2.5 days left that won’t be covered in this post), but what’s the point of saving it when you guys want to know what’s going on while it’s going… right? Right.

So. Here’s what’s happened so far. On the drive up, I watched a giant blue heron land in the creek in Lyons, and saw two herds of elk. The weather held up and the roads were dry and safe until I got to the Stanley, where their (and they have their own series of roads up to the different buildings) roads were… dicey.

All checked in,  I walked around, took some pictures, and went to bed. Nothing weird happened, and oddly not a lot of fear the first night.

Monday morning we met in the music room- reportedly haunted by Flora Stanley. We meet there every morning to workshop our short horror stories. Each person gets a decent chunk of time where they have to sit silently while 20 people talk about their story. At the end, the author gets to ask questions or clarify anything that was confusing.

Monday afternoon I parked myself in front of the fire in the lobby, in one of the oversized vinyl chairs, and stayed there for four hours, prepping for the next day’s workshop. Then, dinner and drinks in the Whiskey Bar, and another three hours in front of the fire to read Sara Gran’s Come Closer. A few pages before I finished it, the group at the other fireplace (there are two on either side of the lobby), started freaking out because the front door had started opening and closing “by itself”. However, we’ve been under a high wind warning on and off since I’ve been here, so it wasn’t paranormal…but… I took a video that you can view here.

Monday night, I was admittedly a lot more scared. It may have been the demon possession book I’d read straight through in three hours, or the jump scare I got from a group of loud and drunk guests from Chicago (they kept breaking into song to root for the Cubs), or maybe the door opening and closing “on its own”. Or that I was going to bed alone in the Stanley Hotel after midnight. But it was hard to fall asleep.

Today, we went inside room 217 where our professor is staying. Maybe I’m going to hell for this, but it was nothing special. Except it had an amazing bath tub.


Tomorrow, my story is up for workshop and we’re watching a horror movie after dark in the music room. Stay tuned, and I’ll post more before it’s time to check out on Friday.


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