Horror Fiction Class – Week 1

Week 1 is coming to an end. It’s Wintermester, which means cramming an entire semester’s worth of content into 3.5 short weeks, and I can easily say I’m overwhelmed by the amount of material to cover… but in a good way.

Last night, the first true horror experience came out of the class as I, fingers typing furiously, submitted my short story at 11:59 PM. One minute to spare, I trimmed the fat, deleted it, saved it, submitted it, and opened the attachment only to find my 16 page story had now been reduced to 12 pages. Also, the ending… gah. I’ll just say it’s a work in progress. The story ended abruptly, only due to running out of time, and so…

Tomorrow, the residency portion of the class begins, which means workshopping what I,and twenty others wrote, as well as reading a novel by Sara Gran while tucked away in the rainy/snowy Rocky Mountains with others in my “tribe” of weird.

Stay tuned for week 2 updates.



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