Manuscript Tiles

It’s no secret that writing a book takes time, and as I approach the 10th month of my first complete manuscript, it’s time for a little reflection.


The photo above is a perfect reflection of my writing process and it’s no coincidence that I took this in the midst of a manuscript crisis. Imagine what that ground looked like when it was freshly tiled, clean, and new… and then after a few years of footsteps and a hail storm, it’s a little worse for wear and messy… But not without personality! I’ll bet some of that was missing at the beginning. That’s how my manuscript looks, with the exception of a few upgraded tiles here and there, and some holes where I’ve ripped a few damaged tiles out and the vacant spaces sit, waiting for the words to be written and saying “please fix me!”

So what’s the deal? Over the past few months I’ve been trying a few things.

  • I revised my plot line/story arc.
  • I decided to change the book to first person narrative.
  • I attended a Literary Festival and live query critique session with my dream agent.
  • A few weeks later, I ran into my dream agent on the street on my way to work and froze. A perfect opportunity missed.
  • I was lucky enough to be included in the #YayYA critique party which gets 10 more pairs of eyes on the first 250 words of the book, plus a 35-word pitch.
  • I received my feedback from the Colorado Gold contest, which was thought provoking and thorough–too bad I’ve completely changed the manuscript since then. ::sigh::
  • In preparation for #PitMad, I had a query letter and first chapter review by the amazing Naomi Hughes.
  • I participated in the Red Light/Green Light #GreenLightWIP writing contest and won an agent/author 12-page critique.
  • Ultimately, I decided not to enter #PitMad and instead focus on enjoying my first vacation out of the state in 4 years. 🙂

So yeah, just a few things. I really like the direction the book is taking and I have a few other book ideas that I’ll be glad to try out after I finish up the current version of this manuscript and send it off to a beta group. It will be a challenge to stop tampering with it once I’m back to the querying stage again.

And that’s what I’ve been up to. Thanks for reading, and if you have 13-18 year old girls who would like to be beta readers, send them my direction. 🙂


One thought on “Manuscript Tiles

  1. Even though I know that your book is constantly a work in progress, it’s always interesting to see all of the steps that you have been taking, and continue to take, to make it successful. Wow!


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