Writer’s hashtags you need to follow yesterday

I’m IN LOVE with TweetDeck. Like, serious infatuation. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY TWITTER LIFE, TWEETDECK?

Just in case anyone else lurks here and is in the same “seeking a literary agent” boat, here is a list of hashtags to follow. Using the awesomeness that is TweetDeck, you can filter which posts you see by hashtag. You won’t be sorry.


#kidpit – a twitter pitch contest for children’s and young adult books

#pitmad – a twitter pitch contest for all types of books

#asktba – agents at The Bent Agency answer your query questions

#querytip – agents post tips about querying

#askagent – another hashtag for agents to post tips

#tenqueries – agents critique 10 queries in their slush pile

#mswl – “Manuscript Wish List” where agents tell you what they’d like to see

#writetip – general writing tips

#slushworks – success stories from the slush pile

#10queriesin10tweets – same as #tenqueries

#YALitChat – weekly chats about young adult literature (there are other hashtags for other genres)

#nlpitchperfect – New Leaf Literary’s own twitter pitch contest, which seems to be held annually

#pitchslam – a bi-annual contest unlike any other, where writers hoping to gain the attention of agents can receive feedback on their work, and then Revise and Resubmit their entries before the final round.

#querylunch – agents read queries on lunch hour and tweet about their thought process

What hashtags do you follow? Leave a comment to share! 🙂


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