Beta reader responses are in!

Beta results are in!

And this is what the author-end of the beta reading process felt like in the most simplistic terms:

I finished my 388 page manuscript! I was like,

Emma Sing

Then, I had my list of beta readers and sent out the manuscript, and I was all,

Michael Cerra

Then three weeks had gone by with no responses and I was like,


Then I got the first response…

Ryan Unimpressed

And then I got two more and I was like…


Finally I finished reading the last one…


Beetlejuice Dark Room

Then, later that night…


But then the next morning, I was like,


And after a planning session with my friend and alpha reader today…

high five slow clap

I’ve got this.


12 thoughts on “Beta reader responses are in!

  1. Totally enjoyed how you described your feelings by putting a humorous spin on them. It must have been cathartic to do that. I’m so looking forward to whatever changes come as a result of the beta readers, because I can’t imagine what they will be!


    1. What a clever post. I would love to be tech savvy enough to do something like this. Can you teach me?

      Best of luck to you as you bring your work to life.


      1. Hi Marcia! Shelved is a Young Adult fiction novel set in the 1950s during the Cold War. It is about a small-town girl who graduates from high school, falls in love, and uncovers a dangerous government conspiracy that threatens to destroy her town. It’s up to her and her friends to solve the deadly puzzle before time runs out. Her life is just beginning… now she has to fight for it.


      2. Allison – sounds like a good read. I have a real set of bookworms for grandchildren. One is 11 and I wonder if he would like this. He reads at above a high school level. Such a joy to watch the next generation love books as much as my children and I have.


      3. Thank you, Marcia 🙂 Wow! He sounds like an advanced reader– that is great! My son is almost 4 and I really hope he keeps his passion for reading. His father isn’t a reader.


      4. Marcia, I didn’t co-write it. Creatively, that credit all goes to Aaron Stephens. I edited Angel Academy, and Aaron allowed me to get my hands dirty rearranging sentences to help the flow, etc.


      5. Hi Marcia, It’s not for sale yet as I’m aiming for traditional publishing. The manuscript is also currently undergoing a major overhaul, and so my hopes of querying agents this summer have been postponed until I can get the new draft completed. I’m estimating several months before that happens. It would be great to begin querying before November, as after that agents get inundated with NaNoWriMo novels. I do have a sign-up link in the menu of my blog, if you’d like to be notified when it gets published. 🙂 You can access that here:


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