The final days of the First Draft–Part 4

I only have two chapters to go before I can go back and fix some quirks and send the manuscript to the beta readers! Let’s see how it goes…

7:29 AM:

  • Usual morning routine (see last two days).

7:55 AM:

  • Start this blog and open Scrivener, cross my heart, fingers, toes, that I find some inspiration this morning. I am drained–physically and creatively.

7:56 AM:

  • Hear my son having a nightmare… yesterday was a little bit too overstimulating and he went to bed too late. These are both the recipe for night terrors. Luckily, he seems to have stayed asleep.

9:45 AM:

  • 946 words written

11:00 AM:

  • Watched the last fifteen minutes of an Equestrian Competition (show jumping). I used to be an equestrian.

Stopped tracking the rest of the day which included family time playing in the sandbox, playing in the backyard, finding something my son and I are calling “goo weeds” in the backyard that when you pull them and they break off, this clear, stringy, jelly goo comes out, cleaned out the garage, went to dinner, did shopping and chores, watched Workaholics and Shameless, and ended up with 72,771 words total.


One thought on “The final days of the First Draft–Part 4

  1. I watched some the equestrian competition on Sunday. I couldn’t believe that course with all those jumps. They have some beautiful horses that can jump some very high fences. It did bring back some memories of watching you compete. Nice memories.

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