The final days of the First Draft–Part 3

Welcome to day 2 of finishing the First Draft. Here’s what today’s adventure entailed:

6:00 AM:

  • Wake up to bird chirping loudly outside my window. What the H time is it? It’s still dark! Turn on white noise app on my phone and put pillow over my head, go back to sleep.

7:28 AM:

  • The dog is hungry. Get up. Feed her, let her out, feed the cat, give both of them treats, make coffee, take cocktail of vitamins per the norm.

7:45 AM:

  • Check emails and FB, look at the photo of the day theme: Finishing Touch. Hey! Wouldn’t it be cool to take a picture of my manuscript all finished? Start this blog.

7:48 AM:

  • Novel.

8:30 AM:

  • Our son wakes up.
  • Words written this morning: 530

10:45 PM:

  • What can I say? It’s Saturday… a day filled with Princess birthday parties (complete with singing Elsa) and March Madness parties. I did, however, manage to write the key chapter the the novel. Only two more chapters to go!!!!
  • Total word count tally:
  • 22481_10153196328156115_9092537463172330764_n

1573 words written today.


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