The final days of the First Draft–Part 2

Welcome to day 2 of finishing the First Draft. Here’s what today’s adventure entailed:

6:59 AM:

  • Wake up to angry husband because the dog will. not. sleep. in. He gets up to feed her and let her out.

7:20 AM:

  • Wake up to angry husband again because the dog is whining downstairs. I need to get up anyway… Shelved isn’t going to write itself. Make coffee, feed the cat, scold the dog, turn on the light on the beta aquarium. The fish still won’t eat, I swear he’s been sleeping for 2 days. Or maybe’s he’s “sleeping”?

7:40 AM:

  • Sit down to track packages for the Etsy shop, check emails (did that girl buy the doll head tea light holder she asked about yesterday? No, but I can see that she read my message and viewed the item again. Fingers crossed she’ll buy it soon, or I’m keeping it because it’s awesome and took a long time to make! Post two photos for today’s “Close Up” photo theme, and begin this blog.

8:08 AM:

  • Let the cat out of the basement as he’s somehow latched the cat door closed. Finally sit down to continue working on chapter 43. Today’s beginning word count is 67,583. Spend what feels like countless minutes researching things that, if they weren’t in the book, would probably incriminate me. It’s all in my book, officers! 

8:32 AM:

  • I think I’m done researching pirate radio…? Time to write. Maybe I can finish the book today!

9:20 AM:

  • Eat a breakfast bar and console myself while I look at my word count from the last 50 minutes (382).

10:40 AM:

  • Did I mention that it’s Spring Break so my family is home today? My son woke up awhile ago and I went up to see him, then came downstairs with him and he played his iPad for a few minutes. I’ll probably need to find somewhere else to go today since they’ll be home all day and even though I specifically took the day off to focus on writing, if I’m home I’ll be expected to participate in family things. I know it sounds like I’m whining, but I just really want to get this book done (whiny voice).
  • Today’s word count so far: 912

11:43 AM:

  • Got the house to myself for maybe an hour and a half or two hours. I Heart Radio: Check.  Hershey’s candy bar and coffee refill: Check.

Time Warp:

  • My husband and son came home with lunch and a guilt trip to spend time with them since it’s spring break. And guess what? The fish woke up and ate!
  • At some point I did end up returning to the noveling process.

4:14 PM:

  • I guess I need to call it quits for today. I didn’t get done what I wanted to, but real life is calling. Clocking in at 2,567 words today and a total of over 70,000 total. The adventure continues…

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 4.09.52 PM


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