Reblog: National Novel Writing Month – The Fifth Annual NaNoWriMo Pitchapalooza!

A great pitch is like a poem. Every word counts.

Make us fall in love with your hero. Whether you’re writing a novel or memoir, you have to make us root for your flawed but lovable hero.

Make us hate your villain. Show us someone unique and dastardly whom we can’t wait to hiss at.

Just because your kids love to hear your story at bedtime doesn’t mean you’re automatically qualified to get a publishing deal. So make sure not to include this information in your pitch.

If you have any particular expertise that relates to your novel, tell us. Establishing your credentials will help us trust you.

Your pitch is your audition to show us what a brilliant writer you are, it has to be the very best of your writing.

Don’t make your pitch a book report. Make it sing and soar and amaze.

A pitch is like a movie trailer. You start with an incredibly exciting/funny/sexy/romantic/etc. close-up with intense specificity, then you pull back to show the big picture and tell us the themes and broad strokes that build to a climax.

Leave us with a cliffhanger. The ideal reaction to a pitch is, “Oh my God, what happens next?”

Show us what’s unique, exciting, valuable, awesome, unexpected, about your project, and why it’s comfortable, familiar and proven.

via National Novel Writing Month – The Fifth Annual NaNoWriMo Pitchapalooza!.


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