Music to Write To

Creative writing and poetry go hand in hand with coffee and music. But what does novel writing go with?

For me, it’s silence. But apparently other people write their novels with soundtracks. I’ve lurked around on some of my favorite author’s websites and some of them provide playlists that go along with their novels. This intrigues and perplexes me.

As I was writing during the month of November I googled “music to write to” and came up empty handed. I also tried one of the NaNaWriMo forums where you submit your novel’s synopsis and get a soundtrack back. While fun, what I got back definitely isn’t what I would associate my novel with, and I certainly wouldn’t be able to write to it.

Based on personal trial and error, I discovered that the only music I can write to is music without lyrics. I just don’t have the level of superior dual-processing skills required to write while someone is spouting poetry in the background (because lyrics are poems).

These two songs by Moby are easy for me to write to, and given my difficulty in finding music that fits the bill, I thought them blog-worthy. Anything else with words requires me to listen first, then turn it off and draw from the residual emotion. Maybe Moby’s not your bag. He’s not exactly mine either, especially some of the vocals in these tracks. But, definitely mood-setting.


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