Scene Break Advice from the Nelson Literary Agency

This: The Pesky Scene Break – Nelson Literary Agency. (And there’s also a great link out to some examples of different scene break scenarios.)

scene breaks

This topic actually came up today via my Alpha Reader.

She pointed out that I’m taking advantage of scene breaks to skip over things that are important to the story, even though, to me, they don’t seem all that important due to my closeness to the project. (By the way, I have an AWESOME Alpha Reader!)

I need to be more careful. Using too many scene breaks, for any reason, gets old. It’s choppy. It’s shortcutty. It’s, “I’m too lazy or inexperienced to write about that, so I’m skipping it.”

I do not want to be a lazy writer. I’ll admit that this is a labor of love. 97 days down.


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