Fritz the Robot: Introducing Fritz

This Fritz the Robot blog series was inspired by my son, who at age two, loved robots. It is not related to Shelved, and is geared toward kids.

Fritz is a real robot. In his robot world, this is quite rare. Just try to imagine a robot with a heart… not a human heart that pumps blood, but a real robot heart. That makes Fritz “tick.” The mystery is why Fritz has a heart and just how did he get it?

It was when Fritz turned five years old that he first noticed the ticking sensation in his chest. Curious as to what could be causing the rhythmic tinking sound and rattling sensation that reminded him of a clock, he decided to ask as many robots as it would take to find the answer.

Unfortunately, Fritz found himself alone in his robot house on the day that he discovered the ticking inside of him. With a big sigh, Fritz pulled and tugged and huffed as he set about the tedious task of unplugging himself from the wall where he docked himself every night for bed. Finally, with one last grrrrrrunt, the plug came free from the socket and the cord quickly raveled up and secured itself inside of a secret hatch on Fritz’s side.


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