Fritz Goes Outside

It took about two hours for the rain to stop. Fritz had spent the time reorganizing his furniture, which consisted of a collection of found objects (empty boxes, bicycle parts, stuffed animals, photo books of humans, etc.). He enjoyed stacking and unstacking them in puzzle-like fashion, always trying to out-do himself in fitting the pieces as closely together as possible, with barely any space in the cracks and crevices. Since Fritz was a robot, he didn’t really have need for furniture, but he had always liked “things”, especially human “things”.

When the rain had stopped, Fritz returned to his task of finding another robot who might be able to tell him about the pitter-patter in his chest. The door opened easily this time, having been loosened with his earlier attempt. He peered outside at the receding storm clouds, with dark clouds to his right and sunshine on his left. He was excited to begin his journey. He thought he felt the flutter in his chest going a little faster. It startled and intrigued him. He propelled himself forward on his little robot wheels, bumping along the ridges on the sidewalk in front of his house. Off in the distance he heard the bleeping sounds of a dog. With no one else to be seen, Fritz decided to go see if the dog knew anything about the odd, curious sensation inside of his chest, that seemed to be growing stronger minute by minute.


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