Day 77… (or 76, but who’s keeping track?)

Today is the 77th straight day that I’ve worked on Shelved. During the past 77 days I have come down with at least three illnesses, one of which was the stomach flu. Okay, I have to admit that I didn’t work on Shelved that day. Anyway, all of these illnesses were passed to me from my son, who started preschool four months ago.

A lot of people like to take a month off in between the first draft and the editing phase… I thought I would lose momentum if I did that.

I’ve also heard the NaNoWriMo draft referred to as the “discovery draft.” I don’t think there could be a more perfect term for it. Not only did I discover my plot, but I discovered that I could write a novel in 30 days while being a mom and a wife, and on top of working full-time, and without jeopardizing my social life. I think I read this in No Plot, No Problem: Busy people are productive people. Think about lazy days spent on the couch. When we stop moving and producing, we lose the desire to move and produce. It’s harder to get something to move, than it is to keep it moving once it’s already started.

I also discovered a few other things…

Being creative is absolutely exhausting! I asked another author friend of mine if he had experienced the same thing, and he had. He remedied his exhaustion with lots of naps. If only, I thought.

And so here is today’s amusing editing discovery: At some point during the month of November, I turned my main character into a vegetarian. Today my main character ordered a cheeseburger. God love the editing process.


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